SAT Scores – SAT Suite (2024)

Dates and Deadlines

  1. 2024

    FRI, AUG 9, 2024

    Registration Deadline for August SAT

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  2. 2024

    TUE, AUG 13, 2024

    Late Registration Deadline for August SAT

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  3. 2024

    SAT, AUG 24, 2024

    7:45 AM Local

    August 24 SAT

    Success Starts with the SAT

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What to Do with Your Scores

Interpret the details in your score and score insights online.

Understand Your Scores

Send scores to colleges or other institutions.

Learn How to Send Scores

Use score verification services.

Double-Check Your Scores

SAT Scores – SAT Suite (1)

Score Release Dates

Find out when your SAT score will be ready.

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K–12 Educators: SAT Scores

Assessment Reporting for K–12 Educators

The K–12 score reporting portal offers educator score reports with aggregate and detailed data.

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Helping Students with Scores

Help students get, understand, and learn from their score.

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SAT Scores – SAT Suite (2024)
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