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Parking is available directly in front of the building. We have 18 parking spots in our exclusive NN lot. There is additional overflow parking in the free city lot, which is only one storefront down on the left. Ample street parking is available up and down Johnson St, as well as the side streets in the area.


Monday: 8-8
Tuesday: 8-8
Wednesday: 8-8
Thursday: 8-8
Friday: 8-6
Saturday: 9-6
Sunday: CLOSED


NAIL NINJA uses a tiered system, which is a skill-level based grading system with which we measure the overall technical and artistic ability of each of our nail artists. Clients are encouraged to read the definition of each tier so that they may better understand the capabilities of each artist. This will assist clients in choosing an artist that falls into their desired price point, and to fully understand the level of technical and artistic expectations they should have of each tier level.

Price point: $-$$
Single Color Gel Mani starts at $45
Gel Polish Pedi starts at $65

Tier 1 artists are newly graduated apprentices or artists who typically have 1-2 years of experience in the industry. Expect good shaping, cuticle work, refining and polish application. Product longevity expectations may be around two weeks. Your artist may take several photos of your nails to be reviewed by management for continued education and training. Tier 1 artists have basic art skills and may not yet be prepared to fulfill detailed art requests.

Clients who see a Tier 1 artist should be kind, patient and understanding of the fact that their artist is still developing their skills. Clients who book with Tier 1 artists understand that this lower price point indicates their acknowledgement of beginner-level skillset. NAIL NINJA would appreciate thorough and polite feedback after a service with a Tier 1 artist so that we can provide continuing education for their advancement.

NAIL NINJA will cover repairs within 7 days of the original service with a Tier 1 artist.

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    Lucia is a bubbly and kind extrovert who loves good conversation! She enjoys getting to know new people and making her guests feel like friends. (If you’re interested in a silent appointment, just say so!)

    Lucia graduated from Nova Academy in July 2023. She loves to thrift in her spare time. She loves all things beauty related and loves to make her guests feel beautiful! She can’t wait to give you the nails you’ve been dreaming of!

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    Keke is a second-generation Hmong American creative who specializes in gel manicures and hand painted nail art. They began their journey in 2018 at the Aveda Institute and graduated with their cosmetology license.

    Keke has an impeccable eye for aesthetics and drawing creativity from a variety of inspirations. They are attentive to detail and enjoy working in collaborative spaces.

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    Cashlin has always been obsessed with the tiny canvas of nails and has been creating nail art for herself since she was a kid! After studying French for a few years in college, she attended the Atelier Academy for nails. Since starting her professional nail career, she’s loved creating nail art for others! Whether it’s a character, pattern or fun color, she finds joy in making others love their nails. Outside of work, you will find her spending time with her partner or dog. She loves rewatching sitcoms, playing video games, crocheting, or reading.

Price point: $$
Single Color Gel Mani starts at $55
Gel Polish Pedi starts at $75

Tier 2 artists are more experienced than Tier 1 artists and have a thorough understanding and execution of the basic fundamentals of manicuring. Expect great shaping, cuticle work and polish applications. Tier 2 artists display more extensive artistic ability than Tier 1 and are capable of providing a variety of simple art requests, though may not yet be prepared for all detailed art requests. Product longevity expectation should be around 2 weeks.

Clients who see a Tier 2 artist should expect that their artist is more experienced than a Tier 1 artist, but is still working to refine their skills to perfection. Clients should be willing to provide kind, ongoing feedback of any quality control issues that are experienced during and after their service so that these artists can continually improve.

NAIL NINJA will cover repairs within 7 days of the original appointment with a Tier 2 artist.

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    Jin has been doing nails for nearly 5 years and received her nail license from LA Beauty School in 2018. She loves multi-colored manicures and free-hand nail designs. For fun, you can find her wandering through the woods or staring at TikTok for hours. Definitely puts too much cream and sugar in her coffee.

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    Gisselle attended nail school at The Atelier Academy of Beauty. She loves being creative and bringing joy to you through your nails. Gisselle enjoys structure manicures, gel manicures, and gel x extensions, abstract nail art, glitter and bling.

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    Ares graduated from LA Beauty in October 2021. Their longtime love for art and pretty things has culminated in a passion for nail art and structured manicures. Whether the nail art is trendy, cute, edgy, or downright weird, they love painting it all!

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    In 2020, Shaela took the leap and enrolled in Nail School at Lavish Beauty School to see what levels she could reach with education, experience, and professional grade products!

    Shaela is passionate about spreading joy and kindness everywhere she goes, while growing through the experiences of everyone she meets! Outside of being a Nail Tech, she is a movie & tv show enthusiast, avid podcast listener, and devoted dog mom to her dog Otto!

    Shaela’s favorite service is pedicures with hopes that one day everyone has soft feet they love.

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    Kimberly has loved doing nails since she was a child, so when looking to leave the corporate world for something new, a profession as a nail tech was the perfect fit. She got her license in September 2019, started working immediately, and hasn't looked back.

    Her interest include gel manis, and structured manis. Whether abstract, mix and match, floral, or embellished in studs and crystals. She loves nail art!

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    Chris Esparza started doing his own nails as a self-care ritual about four years ago and that grew into learning nail art and finally, going to Atelier Academy to get his license to be a full-time tech! He is a self-proclaimed nerd and gamer at heart. He likes to work with structured gel LOVES nerdy nail art. His goal as nail tech is to inspire others to wear nails, regardless of gender!

Price point: $$$
Single Color Gel Mani starts at $75
Gel Polish Pedi starts at $90

Tier 3 artists are highly skilled and have excellent manicure and pedicure standards, as well as extensive art skills. Clients should expect excellent nail shaping, thorough cuticle work and excellent polish application. Product longevity expectations are between 2-3 weeks.

Clients of Tier 3 artists are highly encouraged to book standing appointments with their artist to ensure appointment availability. Clients should be willing to provide kind, ongoing feedback of any quality control issues that are experienced during and after their service so that these artists can continually improve.

NAIL NINJA will cover repairs within 7 days of the original appointment with a Tier 3 artist.

Price point: $$$$
Single Color Gel Mani starts at $90
Gel Polish Pedi starts at $110

Tier 4 artists are highly trained professionals who have vast manicuring knowledge and experience. Expect sharp, precise nail shaping and detailed cuticle work, as well as a nearly flawless polish application. Product longevity expectation are between 3-4 weeks.
Clients of Tier 4 artists should be aware that this level of artistry will come with higher price points. Clients of Tier 4 artists are encouraged to book standing appointments if they wish to have guaranteed ongoing access to this level of professionalism. While Tier 4 artists are at the top of our grading chart, we still expect these high-level artists to work on improvements and request that their clients continue to provide quality control feedback as needed.

NAIL NINJA will cover repairs within 10 days of the original appointment with a Tier 4 artist.

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    Andrea Storlie - Owner

    Andrea has been in the nail industry for 20 years. After graduating from Scott Lewis in 2004, she spent the majority of her career at Spalon Montage in Edina before branching out on her own as the creator and original artist of NAIL NINJA.

    Andrea prides herself in her fierce attention to detail and passion to provide a flawless service each and every time. Her meticulous cuticle work, color application and longevity of her service is what sets her apart. Andrea specializes in gel manicures with hand-painted nail art.

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