House plans are published in the collection::EPLAN.HOUSE (2024)

Choose your preferred house plans sorted by collection. Why search the entire catalog if you know for sure you don't want a two-story house and can't stand cottages with attics. Instead, check out the collection of single-story house plans and pay attention to house plans for a narrow lot. And about house plans with a shed roof, you can say that such a roof is easy to build and looks very modern.

Choosing plans from the collection of tiny houses is essential for owners of a small lot. Do you like to be outdoors and admire the flower garden, or maybe you are expecting important guests? The house plan collection with a front porch will help you choose the right plan to fulfill your dreams.

Narrow lot house plans

House plans with a narrow facade are ideal for construction in a lot surrounded by neighbors' houses. This is a practical solution for maximizing the use of the lot.

Vacation house plans

House plans for comfortable country living with bathroom and toilet, with porches and decks and even laundry rooms. Thanks to the excellent layouts, the small size of the cottages does not prevent you…

House plans with shed roof

Shed roof easy to build, and it gives the house a modern look. You will find both plans in the catalog with a single shed roof and house plans covered with several shed roofs.

Single-story house plans

Single-story house plans are suitable for easy construction and ideal for the elderly, disabled, and families with small children. There are single-story frame house plans with and without a garage…

House plans with attic

House plans with a living area in the attic are suitable for snowy regions and small lots. The attic will expand the size of the house. The bedroom in the attic is much more comfortable and warm. We…

Two story house plans

Two-story houses are suitable for any site—ready two levels house plans for living in the city and countryside.

House plans for two families

House plans for two families or duplexes can serve different life circ*mstances. There are plans for two families with halves of different sizes, and there are plans with different floors.

Tiny house plans

Small house plans up to 1,000 square feet allow you to live comfortably without spending too much money on building the house and buying furniture and other household items. A small house allows you…

House plans with porches

Need to be outdoors more often? That's why I choose a house plan with a porch, to enjoy the natural scenery while sitting on the porch and recovering, preventing cancer, breathing deeply, and napping…

House plans with home office

House plans with a home office for people working at home. Plans with first-floor home office or second-floor study.

House plans with wraparound verandah

How nice to sit on the porch surrounding the house sipping a cool drink on a hot day. The veranda around the house is perfect for those regions where the sun shines brightly from morning to evening.…

Walkout basem*nt house plans

If you are the lucky owner of a sloped lot, you need a home plan with a walkout basem*nt. In this catalog, we offer house plans in a variety of styles and sizes. A house plan with a walkout basem*nt…

House plans with garage

There are 4,000 house plans with attached, built-in, driveunder, or detached garage in the house plans catalogs. Which garage should I choose? And do I need a garage?

House plans with daylight basem*nts

House plans with a daylight basem*nt for residents of cold regions are not just a convenient solution for placing technical equipment for the house and for storing things, but also necessary because…

Three-story house plans

In this catalogue, you can find not only three-storey houses but also two-storey houses with an attic. Different in the construction of walls, but the same insulation coefficient - all homes are…

Hip roof house plans

Коллекция проектов с красивыми четырехскатными, шатровыми и вальмовыми крышами. Эти дома не только красивы, но и практичны.

4 or 5 bedrooms house plans

Very often we want to build a house with a lot of bedrooms so that every member of the family has his own secluded corner. We offer to our attention large houses with several floors. Some architects…

House Plans with Swimming Pool

Probably everyone dreams of a pool in the house. Swimming is beneficial for health and improves mood. The pool can be in the yard or the house, or a detached building. If you live in a cold climate…

House Plans with Fireplace

One of the most widespread facilities in a house plan is the fireplace. A fireplace instantly gives style, warmness, and focus to a room. Where more suitable to place fireplace: the living room, the…

Single-story house plans with garage

A garage in a single-story house serves not only for storing a car but also for inventory, for the convenience of unloading products, and can also serve as a workshop for the home craftsman.…

Timber and log house plans

Experienced architects create a variety of timber houses presented in this catalog. These timber house plans are the epitome of modern wooden construction and excellent design solutions.

Frame house plans

Frame house plans with a photo for every taste: a garage, attic, or terrace, frame houses for vacation, and permanent residence.

Brick house plans

Brick house plans are still demanded by developers, as they are an example of a solid structure. Bright indicators of excellence and sophistication distinguish architectural and design solutions of…

Concrete block house plans

Beautiful house plans for building with cinder blocks and with convenient layouts. The price of the house plan includes one or two types of foundations.

Free house plans

Choose a house plan and download the house you like for free from those published in this catalog. The different styles and building materials of the architectural portions of the house plans will…

1 bedroom house plans

The variety of 1-bedroom house plans selected in this collection are suitable for small families and built on tiny lots of country residences. Hunting and fishing lodges, outdoor gatherings with…

2 bedroom house plans

2-bedroom house plans are the solution for a small family, an elderly spouse who wants to sleep apart, or a young couple planning to have children someday. The 2-bedroom home is easy to maintain and…

3 bedroom house plans

The three-bedroom home plan is the most sought-after in the real estate market. Such a home would be suitable for families with two or three children or those who need a live-in caregiver or au pair.…

ICF house plans

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is a concrete formwork that remains as permanent building insulation for energy-efficient monolithic reinforced concrete walls, floors, and roofs.

House plans with living space above the garage

Catalog of the most popular house plans with living space above the garage.

House Plans with Balconies

House plan with balcony is very popular option for an outdoor entertaining.When you want to spend time and relax in the sun, no space is too small to appreciate. Even the tiniest of balconies can be…

House plans with interior photos

This catalog of house plans presents all plans with photos or interior renderings made by clients or designers. You can better imagine what your home will look like from the inside.

First floor master bedroom house plans

There are numerous reasons why a main-floor master suite makes sense. Perhaps your children are growing older, and bedrooms on different floors will provide greater privacy for both you and them. Or…

One story house plans with garage

One-story house plans with a garage are gaining more and more popularity. In the cold climate, the garage is more of a mandatory building on the site. In cold weather, rain, and snow, and even under…

House plans are published in the collection::EPLAN.HOUSE (2024)


What does a complete set of house plans include? ›

What Is In a Set of House Plans?
  • Cover Sheet. The cover sheet features an elevation of the home, sheet number index for the plan, and contact information.
  • Foundation. ...
  • First Floor Plan. ...
  • Second Floor Plan. ...
  • Lighting and Electrical. ...
  • Front and Rear Elevations. ...
  • Right and Left Elevations. ...
  • Roof Plan.

What is a PDF set of house plans? ›

Sets – A PDF set is an electronic file that contains all the same blueprint components as any printed set. Most customers choose PDF house plans because they're sent immediately via email and have a license to print as many copies as necessary.

Do house plans come with framing plans? ›

Some plans contain roof framing plans; however because of the wide variation in local requirements, many plans do not. If you buy a plan without a roof framing plan, you will need an engineer familiar with local building codes to create a plan to build your roof.

What is the description of a house plan? ›

A house plan is a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as the dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.

What is the finish schedule of a house plan? ›

A Finish Schedule is a form of product specification writing that outlines the materials desired on a construction project. Specifically, a Finish Schedule outlines floor, wall, ceiling materials and excludes lighting, windows, doors, and furniture.

What are finished in a house? ›

The main types of finishing work include facing, plastering, woodworking, flooring, painting, wallpapering and glazing. In most cases; you'll have the ability to select the finishing items and materials early in the planning stage of your new construction, remodeling or renovation project.

What is a house plan template? ›

A floor plan is a diagram that shows you the layout of an area from above. Floor plans typically show the location of walls, windows, and doors, as well as installations such as furniture, cabinetry, and appliances. Floor plans are usually drawn to scale and will indicate room types and room dimensions.

How many sets of house plans do I need? ›

The number of house plan sets you will need depends upon your builder and local codes department; however, as a rule of thumb, you will need: One set for yourself. Three to Five sets for your builder, as well as one additional set for each subcontractor.

Are house plans expensive? ›

Rates start at $50 and go as high as $130 per hour for a draftsperson to draw up blueprints or a house plan. Plans for a three-bedroom house require at least 10 hours to complete, and typically cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000.

Do house plans include plumbing? ›

It is optional to include separate plumbing plans in the set of drawings - the majority of the time, we include electrical and plumbing locations on the dimensioned floor plan pages. In simple terms, a home designer provides the location of plumbing fixtures, such as toilets, showers, and basins.

How detailed are home blueprints? ›

Blueprints are much more detailed drawings than simple Floor Plans. Blueprints are exact detailed scaled drawings of plans of a home, building, or structure which include many more details than a basic floor plan.

What does M mean on a floor plan? ›

Single door. A single-hinged door is represented by a straight line that runs perpendicular to the wall and a curved line to indicate which way it opens. Double door. The double door symbol looks like the letter “M,” made from two curved lines that join in the center.

Who writes house plans? ›

Blueprints are absolutely critical to any building project, and it's important that they're drawn properly. There are three professionals that typically draw home blueprints: Draftsmen, Architects, and Structural Engineers.

What does a floor plan need? ›

A floor plan is a bird's eye view diagram of a home or property. Its purpose is to illustrate the design of the property and it therefore includes structural and design details such as walls, windows, doors and stairs as well as fixed kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings.

Do house plans come with materials? ›

House plans, at least good ones, will come with a specifications book. This document lists the type of materials to be used, among other things. The following are the divisions, or chapters, included in a Spec.

Do house plans come with material list? ›

Some house plans may come with a material list or specifications that outline the materials needed for construction, while others may not. In general, more detailed and complex house plans are more likely to include a material list.

What plans are included in architectural plans? ›

7 Types of Architectural Plans
  • Floor Plans. Floor plans are essential to any interior design or architecture project. ...
  • Site Plans. ...
  • Reflective Ceiling Plan. ...
  • Millwork Drawings. ...
  • Exterior Elevations. ...
  • Interior Elevations. ...
  • Landscape Plans.
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