Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) (2024)

Main Phone: (760) 922-5300

Physical Address: 19025 Wiley’s Well Rd., Blythe, CA 92225 (Directions)

  • General Mailing: P.O. Box 2289, Blythe, CA 92226
  • Inmate Mailing (all facilities): P.O. Box 2349, Blythe, CA 92226

Visiting an incarcerated person:learnhow to visit an incarcerated personat our institutions.

Other Resources:explore, including how to contact or send packages to those incarcerated in our institutions.

  • PIA: Laundry, Health Facility Maintenance
  • Vocational: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Auto Body and Fender, Auto Mechanics, Building Maintenance, Computer Literacy, Electrical Works, Electronics, Masonry, Offices Services and Related Technologies, Plumbing, and Welding.
  • Academic: Adult Basic Education Level 1, GED, Facility and Library Literacy Programs, Computer Assisted Instruction Lab, Adult Basic Education Model 2, College Programs, and Voluntary Education Program (VEP).
  • Other: Victims Awareness, Alternatives to Violence Program, Parenting classes, Toastmasters, Veteran’s Group, AA/NA and Friends Outside.
  • OSATS: Re-entry Hub Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, Anger Management Treatment, Criminal Thinking Treatment, Family Relations and Transitions to Parole.

DRP Programs
Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT)–Overview
On January 21, 2020, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) implemented ISUDT. ISUDT is a comprehensive and evidence-based cross-divisional program with pathways to treatment through DRP Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (CBI) programs referred to as:

CBI-Intensive Outpatient (Medical Classification T1, SOMS assignment code ISI) 2-hours/day, 5-days/week, 52-weeks completion

CBI-Outpatient (Medical Classification T2, SOMS assignment code ISO) 2-hours/day, 3-days/week, 14-weeks completion

CBI-Life Skills (Medical Classification T3, SOMS assignment code CB2) 2-hours/day, 3-days/week, 29-weeks completion

All participants will be assessed by medical and referred to one of the CBI classes.

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Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) (1)
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) (2)

CVSP occupies approximately 125 acres, within 1735 acres owned by the State of California. Groundbreaking for CVSP took place in March 1987. Activation occurred on December 5, 1988. Ironwood State Prison (ISP) is located next to CVSP and shares part of the 1735 acres.

CVSP’s design capacity is 1738; current population as of January 31, 2019 is 2733. CVSP is comprised of four Level II Non-Designated Programming Facility Yards and one Level I Non-Designated Programming Facility Yard.

CVSP maintains operation of a fire house, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, the vehicle maintenance garage, recycling and salvage program (RASP) for CVSP and ISP. In addition to the above, CVSP provides laundry services via Prison Industry Authority (PIA) for CVSP and ISP.

The fire house is comprised of one fire chief; five fire captains and ten inmate firefighters. The fire house responds to local mutual aid and provides coverage for CVSP and ISP. The fire department personnel provide training and certification for inmate firefighters to be prepared for job placement upon parole.

Institution Statistics (SB601), Operational Performance Measures (COMPSTAT)andInmate Population Reports

David Holbrook has been warden or acting Warden at the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison since July 31, 2019.

Mr. Holbrook has over 24 years of work experience with CDCR. He has a diverse background working in a variety of assignments, classifications, and institutions of various levels within CDCR.

He began his career on June 12, 1995, as a Medical Technical Assistant at California Correctional Center. In May of 2000, he lateral transferred to Chuckawalla Valley State Prison and soon after in May of 2002, he promoted to Correctional Counselor I.

In June 2007, he promoted to Correctional Counselor II (Specialist; Appeals Coordinator) at Ironwood State Prison and during his continued time at Ironwood, he promoted to various positions.

In October 2008, he promoted to Correctional Counselor II, Supervisor; in July 2010, he promoted to Correctional Counselor III (Classification and Parole Representative) and in May 2011, promoted to Correctional Captain where he was assigned as the Health Care Captain, Custody Captain and Facility Captain.

In May 2014, he promoted to Correctional Administrator (Associate Warden) at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, where he held the duties of Associate Warden Health Care, Associate Warden Central Operations, Associate Warden Programs and Associate Warden Business Services.

In December 2016, he promoted to Chief Deputy Warden at California Institution for Men. On June 1, 2018, he reported to Chuckawalla as the Chief Deputy Warden.

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) (3)

Bryttiney Lincoln, MHA, CCHP has been serving as the CEO of CVSP since June, 2020. Ms. Lincoln has 15 years of Correctional Health Care administrative and executive experience, beginning her career with California Department of Corrections/California Correctional Health Care Services in 2007. She has held various positions throughout the organization, including the role of Chief Support Executive, which she served from 2017 through May of 2020. Ms. Lincoln has received her Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration, with a specialization in Information Technology, and is recognized as a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional (CCHP) by the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare. Ms. Lincoln also holds certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Throughout her career, Ms. Lincoln has demonstrated a mission-driven executive approach, coupled with passion for high performance. She has led many initiatives and empowered the team to pursue an innovative approach to transform the Health Care operations at CVSP; these efforts facilitate organizational growth and allow for more efficient processes, leading to sustainable performance and outcomes for staff and the population served.

Local Inmate Family Councils (IFC’s) are a gathering of family and friends of the incarcerated who meet regularly with Wardens to support visiting since keeping strong family connections with loved ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. These IFC’s promote visiting by clarifying rules and regulations as well as discussing health, education, vocational training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information on connecting with a local IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) (2024)
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