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Germany is quite well known for their small villages scattered throughout the edges of the Alps. They are generally characterized by square foundations and a white exterior with a black or brown roof. Well times have changes and some people are upgrading their traditional mountain homes for a newer and more modern version.

This home, located in the city of Aachen, is a beautiful and modern mountain home unlike anything you've seen before. It still maintains the same quaint charm as traditional cabins but with all the necessities of the modern times. Let's take a closer look at this gorgeous mountain home.

A contemporary cabin that blends into the surroundings

ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting

The exterior of this German mountain cabin is made with a light gray concrete, a very small change from the traditional white. The gray helps to blend then home in with its powder white surroundings during the winter months. The roof also breaks from tradition and matches the gray concrete rather than the traditional black or brown that we tend to see in these areas. The recessed windows also make the home feel like a fairy tale gingerbread house since the windows look as if they've been cut out with a cookie cutter. All of these small features maintain a bit of the traditional storybook look but with a modern upgrade.

A peek into the mountains

A small and modern mountain home | homify (3)

ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting

One huge perk of living in the mountains is the amazing views that you get. This home really takes advantage of these views and features many floor to ceiling windows to allow lots of natural light to flow through to the space. This is especially great in the colder months when the white snow reflects the light straight into the home. This is also a great way to heat up your home on the cheap during the winter because the sun will warm up the space through the windows and reflections. This small seating area is the perfect place to curl up with a good book during or just enjoy the views that surround the home.

Sleek and modern interiors

ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting

Moving to theinterior of the home we find a very sleek and modern design. The entire home is decorated with a light and neutral color palette to reflect a lot of light and make the home feel bigger. The light gray tiles can be seen throughout the home and reflect the gray of the exterior of the home. The wooden paneling that we see is also a very light and natural color, adding a different element to the space in a very subtle way.

Here we are led into the very modernkitchen by glass doors that are virtually invisible. The kitchen is a modern space with sleek white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Everything is kept very minimal to maintain a clutter-free environment and make the space feel bigger.

Bright and open

ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting

The moment you walk into the home you are instantly greeted with a sense of openness and tons of sunlight. The combination of light and neutral elements, such as the stone tile and wooden walls, and the extensive amount of glass seen throughout the space creates a really bright and cheerful home. This is especially important for when the winters come and the German skies are a perpetual gray and the white walls will help to reflect the little light that comes through and creates a sense of happiness. Even the staircase features a glass handrail further accentuating the open feeling in the home.

Minimal and stylish

ZHAC / Zweering Helmus Architektur+Consulting

Though the home adheres to a veryminimalist design, that does not mean that it lacks style. Just in front of the sleek built-in fireplace, we find two Scandinavian style armchairs with some plush cushions and blankets, perfect to curl up by the fire on a cold day. The built-in cabinet in the middle of the room not only adds character to the space with its beautiful architecture, but it can also be used to display any pieces in your home, in this case it is used as a bar. The bookshelf, which is also built-in, adds a splash of color to the space with the various books on display. Overall this modern mountain home is an excellent place to get away and relax, no matter what time of the year it is.

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A small and modern mountain home | homify (2024)
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