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Published: May 29, 2017Updated: April 8, 2022Author: Jenn Laughlin

Making a totally crave-worthy veggie burger is easier than you think! Here are 8 epic tried and true veggie burger recipes that we just can’t get enough of!

8 Epic Veggie Burger Recipes (1)

We’re kicking things off today with a weeks worth of veggie burger recipes!

They’re fabulous sandwiched betweena fluffy bakery bun, crumbled atop a big leafy green salad, or stuffed insidefluffy baked sweet potato with all your favorite fixin’s. Anything goes! You can even try your hand at a lettuce wrap burger bun that’s entirely gluten-free!

Even better? They’re all 100% freezer friendly too! Make some for now, and squirrel a few away for later.

8 Epic Veggie Burger Recipes

These tasty plant-based veggie patties are our all-time favorites!

1.Buffalo Chickpea Veggie Burgers

These buffalo chickpea veggie burgers area total roundhouse kick to the tastebuds in the most amazing way possible. These burgers have some serious skills.You can make them super duper spicy and thoroughly assault your tastebuds or keep them on the mild side with some serious buffalo flavor.

Just whatever you do,make them right meow!

2.Butternut Black Bean Burgers

Say hello to your new favorite veggie burger! These butternut black bean burgers are flavorful, filling, and freaking awesome. On top of that? They’re probably THE most popular veggie burger recipe on my blog!

3.Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Jalapeño and Zucchini

These are my spiciest (and sassiest!) veggie burgers yet! Spicy chickpea veggie burgers with jalapeño and zucchini, topped with a tasty honey-lime slaw and a fast + fierySriracha mayo.

4.Chipotle Pumpkin Veggie Burgers

My Chipotle Pumpkin Veggie Burgers are quick, easy, and a total crowd pleaser! Each veggie burgeris vegan, gluten-free,freezer-friendly and 100% delicious!

They feature a pumpkin and white bean fusion laced with bold, smoky chipotle peppers and a blend of spices. It’s not quite spicy (though you can amp up the heat and make it spicy!) but is certainly intense! These tasty veggie burgers have a duo of chipotle flavor in both the burger and the sauce and are topped with a delicate mountain of greens and a buttery avocado smash.

5.Black Bean Veggie Burgers with Chipotle Honey Mustard

These smoky chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burgersare bold andfull offlavor! Loadedwith veggies and topped with an irresistible homemade chipotle honey mustard sauce, they’ll impress vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

Of course we can’t discuss the awesomeness of these black beanburgers withouttalkig about thesauce. It’s straight-up marriage material. On a whim I branched out from my default Chipotle Aioli (also deliciously awesome) and chipotletized my husband’s honey mustard recipe. Cue fireworks!

6.Vegetarian Cajun Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers

This zesty cajun spin on my classic Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger is something you’re going to want in your life, stat. Flecked with the foodie equivalent of the holy trinity and spiced to zesty perfection, these veggie burgers are full of flavor and easily compliment a number of dietary needs.

Swap out the egg anduse a flax eggto make them vegan and for a meal that’s gloriously gluten-free, crumble them over salads, spuds, or slap them on your favorite GF bun!

7.Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers

To date, these bad boys are in heavy rotation in our home. They are fantastic every which way. I’ll slap them on a burger bun one day, crumble them over a salad the next, and even stuff them in a sweet potato for a tasty veggie smorgasbord! There are almost always a batch in my freezer and my friends can’t stop raving about them! *cue happy dance* Needless to say, they’re a hit!

8.Homemade Mexican Veggie Burgers with Taco Aioli

My healthy homemade Mexican Veggie Burgers are fun, filling, and downright tasty! They’re also gloriously gluten-free and topped with the most delicious taco aioli, rendering them totally crave-worthy!

Make some for now, freeze some for later, and pass these along to friends and family if you’re feeling particularly charitable. Friends don’t let friends eat questionably processed veggie burgers.


These super-satisfying veggie burger recipes are nothing short of amazing.

Get one in your face pronto!

side dishes to serve with veggie burgers

  • Garden Veggie Tortellini Pasta Salad
  • Chopped Cauliflower Broccoli Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing
  • Homestyle Macaroni Salad
  • Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad
  • Greek Quinoa Bowls

hungry for more veggie burger recipes?

My Quinoa Black Bean Veggie Burgers are piled high with tasty vegetarian toppings and topped with a spicy Sriracha mayo!

I also make the most amazing homemade White Bean Burgers that are great for meal prep and totally freezer-friendly too!

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8 Epic Veggie Burger Recipes (9)

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8 Epic Veggie Burger Recipes (2024)


How can I make my veggie burger better? ›

Spices and tomato paste: Smoked paprika, chili powder, salt, and pepper combine to make these burgers a little smoky and incredibly delicious. Tomato paste adds color, sweetness, and an umami flavor to the burgers (highly recommended!). Cooked rice: Adds more texture to the veggie burgers.

What toppings to put on a veggie burger? ›

Serve with all the toppings

Serve on hamburger buns and any burger fixings you love! Go with the classic: burger sauce or vegan mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickle slices, lettuce, tomato and onion. Or get creative with barbecue sauce, Sriracha vegan mayo, avocado and arugula, etc. Enjoy!

What is a good egg substitute for veggie burgers? ›

If you're vegan, there's a great alternative: flaxseed meal. This substitution often appears in vegan baking recipes but works just as much magic here. To replicate 1 large egg, mix 1 tablespoon flaxseed with 2 to 3 tablespoons water and let sit for a few minutes. Add to the veggie burger mix just as you would an egg.

What helps homemade burgers stick together? ›

Bind the patty together

If you're going for a leaner meat or adding bulky ingredients (eg spring onions, onions, chillies), add an egg and a handful of breadcrumbs to bind the burgers.

Why do my homemade burgers fall apart when cooking? ›

If you flip it more than one time, it may fall apart on the grill. One flip! eggs and breadcrumbs are for meat loaf. you want a good 80/20 lean to fat beef ratio, you want to have a good skillet or griddle temp going—a good temp—and you want to have a good spatula for flipping the patty when it's time to flip it.

What can I put on my veg to make it taste better? ›

Adding something tangy will instantly brighten up your veggies and make them more interesting. Try a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime before serving, or make a zingy dressing with equal parts vinegar and oil, a touch of mild mustard and a pinch of salt.

What makes veggie burgers taste like meat? ›

Soy protein is still the plant protein that delivers the most meat-like taste and texture. Since it has been used for decades now, a lot of research has been done and its texturization process has been further improved.

What can I put in a burger to make it taste better? ›

Blue cheese, grilled pineapple, or avocado will add a lot of flavor to a classic hamburger. Many, if not all, of these ingredients can already be found in your kitchen and pantry.

What kind of cheese goes with a veggie burger? ›

Check out Chef Brown's recommendations for veggie cheeseburger pairings.
  • Cheddar cheese: Whether sliced or shredded (to put in your patties!), its sharp profile goes well with smoky flavours, roasted onions, and vegetables. ...
  • Colby cheese: This cheese's sweet, nutty flavour is a friend to herbs.

How do you spice up frozen veggie burgers? ›

Slice up some onions and (optional) beets thinly. The onions help to keep the burgers moist and add steam and flavour during cooking. If you don't like onions, try sliced mushrooms. Spices like garlic powder and a good barbecue sauce are also important for that authentic barbecue flavour.

What condiment goes on a veggie burger? ›

Best Veggie Burger Toppings
  1. Garlic mayo.
  2. Smoked paprika aioli.
  3. Burger sauce (Find the recipe in these In-N-Out burgers)
  4. Salsa ranch.
  5. Chipotle ranch.
  6. Mustard.
  7. Ketchup.
  8. Mayonnaise.
May 31, 2021

How do you bind patties without eggs? ›

In theory, you could use bread crumbs—I recommend using coarse, crustless fresh white bread crumbs—or even grated Parmesan cheese. The best way of getting your burgers to hold together is by using a medium grind 80% beef 20% fat ground chuck and a burger press.

What is the best binder for burgers? ›

If they aren't bound well, the patties will start to fall apart as soon as you start cooking them. The most commonly used binding agent for hamburger patties is eggs. They work well with ground meat and are easy to incorporate into the rest of your ingredients.

Why do veggie burgers fall apart? ›

However, once you've formed the burgers and it's time to set them on the grill or stovetop, there is still potential for them to fall apart due to extra liquid and moisture from the patties. Here are a few more tricks to keep them together — all it takes is a bit of patience and lots of heat.

How do you keep burgers from breaking apart? ›

We recommend simply shaping the beef into a vague burger shape with the least amount handling as possible. Or if you'd rather work smarter than harder, you can also use a stuffed burger press like the Big Boy Burger Binder, which shapes the perfect burger every time. Go easy on the flipping too.

How do you keep burgers from crumbling? ›

Try to work as efficiently as possible and avoid squeezing too hard, since overworking the beef is a big reason why burgers fall apart. If you don't want to grill them right away, however, throw them in the fridge while you wait – colder burgers are less likely to break down when you cook them.

What can I put in my burgers so they don't fall apart? ›

It's not necessary to add binders like eggs or breadcrumbs to the ground beef when making burger patties. These can actually make the patties too dense and lead to them falling apart on the grill. Simply season the ground beef with salt and pepper before forming the patties.

How do you fix burgers that fall apart? ›

If you mix in other things like breadcrumbs or veggies or whatever, consider adding some egg or mayo to help hold it together. don't move the burgers until they are cooked enough to hold their shape. Don't ever press down on the top.

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